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No Candidate can rise above the level of their staffers. Better Staffers means Better Campaigns. We help our candidates assemble the best team available to them. Ask us what we can do for you.


Better Data means Better Decision Making Ability. Better Decision Making Ability means More Effective Campaigns. More Effective Campaigns means a Better Maximized Outcome. Ask us how we can help.


Tech Solutions
Technology is an Efficiency Multiplier. Better Technology and Better Implementation means Improved Efficiency for your Campaign and Volunteers. Improving your Campaign Efficiency helps you maximize your Campaign Effectiveness and get the most out of your resources.

Tech Solutions

Field & Logistics
It's one thing to have the best Assets. It's another to put them into play properly. We help campaigns effectively deploy Assets in the field and avoid the Logistical problems that can creep up and cripple campaigns. This is critical for maximizing every minute of time available before and during election day.

Field & Logistics

Crux Candidates Win Again

Crux Goes 6-2!

Tuesday November 5th was a rough day for liberty loving citizens in Virginia, but Crux won 75% of its races for clients in contests ranging from Soil & Water Board to State Senate.

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  • [insert Wamp Stomp statement here]
    Will Wampler
    State House VA-4
  • Crux did excellent work for my campaign. I had a difficult race against the former Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney, which I won by 67 votes out of nearly 5900 cast. Crux was able to match our targeted voter lists with Facebook users, and then put our ads directly in front of them in an extremely cost-effective manner. The tens of thousands of ads that they were able to put in front of our targeted voters in our particularly rural locality were critical in helping us win a very close election. Crux was well worth every penny we spent in an election where every penny mattered.
    Matt Hardin
    Commonwealth's Attorney - Greene County, VA
  • "I highly recommend the experts at Crux Consulting. They were an integral part of my 2016 campaign for State Senate. They helped me prepare for and win a nominating convention. Crux provided issue guidance, voter targeting and social media advice. They are a true grass-roots organization with the pulse of the people. After the nomination, Crux worked tirelessly to help me win the election. I highly recommend them."
    Mark Peake
    State Senator VA-22
  • "I wanted to again thank you for the efforts [Crux] put forth on my campaign for the Louisa County Board of Supervisors.Your targeting and strategy was spot on. Our team took your voter ID info and built our campaign on that basis. The end result was a 12% victory over the incumbent Vice Chair of the Board.

    Without a doubt your team was key to our victory. It is my pleasure to recommend your firm. You know how to win!"

    Duane Adams
    Louisa Board of Supervisors
  • “[He] is a campaign wizard! I credit [him] and his method for my two election victories, the second in a landslide! I won’t give away [his] secrets, but by following his instructions, you can know exactly how many votes you’ll need, and how to get them. Bottom line, if you want to win, hire [Crux]!
    Larry Nordvig
    Board of Supervisors - Powhatan County, VA